Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Artist Feature #15: D-L Alvarez

To look at his credentials, which span from visual art and film work across to writing, curating and the like, you might be inclined to describe Darrell-Lynn Alvarez as a man with his fingers in many pies. Yet to conceive of Alvarez's work in this way is perhaps to overlook its very quintessence, which the artist himself describes as a overriding concern with historic narrative, whatever medium it may be taking at the time. Certainly his visual works give us a myriad of narrative clues to attempt to piece together, their vascillations between photo-realism and deconstruction of that realism gesturing towards fixed moments in time and the whirlwind of sociological dynamics surrounding them, and everything he touches acquiring a subtle and open-ended otherworldliness.

D-L Alvarez was born in the USA. His work is exhibited in some of the most established museums and galleries around the world.

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